BMX and DH Helmets And Apparel

When pushing the limits of speed and traction, only the best gear will do. TLD has got you covered whether you line up on the gate at the BMX track, race the local DH series or just enjoy a day of park riding and big air.

D3 Fiberlite Helmet Mono
D3 Fiberlite Helmet Factory
$271.20 to $339.00 C$‎339.00
D3 Mirage Carbon Helmet Mips
C$‎528.00 C$‎660.00
D3 Carbon Midnight Helmet Mips
D3 Composite Corona Helmet
C$‎407.20 C$‎509.00
D3 Carbon Freedom Helmet Mips
Sprint Metric Jersey
C$‎55.20 C$‎69.00
2018 Sprint Metric Pants
C$‎135.20 C$‎169.00
Sprint SRAM Jersey
C$‎55.20 C$‎69.00
Sprint Shorts
$111.20 to $139.00 C$‎139.00
Sprint Pants
$135.20 to $169.00 C$‎169.00
Sprint Megaburst Jersey
$55.20 to $69.00 C$‎69.00
Sprint Elite Escape Jersey
C$‎79.20 C$‎99.00
Sprint Youth Metric Jersey
C$‎44.00 C$‎55.00
Sprint Youth Jersey
Sprint Youth Metric Pants
C$‎108.00 C$‎135.00
2018 Sprint Youth Pants
TLD Sprint Youth Shorts
$92.00 to $115.00 C$‎115.00
Ruckus Glove
Ruckus Women's Gloves
$47.20 to $59.00 C$‎59.00