D3 DH Helmets

No other helmet has won as many races or stood on as many podiums in the history of Mountain Bike World Cup DH competition. Available in Carbon, Composite and Fiberlite shell versions, there is a D3 for everyone's budget so you don't have to compromise safety on account of your bank account.

D3 Fiberlite Mono Helmet
TLD D3 Carbon Jet Helmet
Limited Edition D3 Carbon Jet Helmet
C$‎528.00 C$‎660.00 20% Off
D3 Carbon Midnight Helmet Mips
C$‎528.00 C$‎660.00 20% Off
D3 Fiberlite Factory Camo Helmet
C$‎271.20 to C$‎339.00
D3 Fiberlite Speedcode Helmet
C$‎271.20 to C$‎339.00