Motocross and Off-Road Gloves

Troy Lee Designs motocross gloves are simply the best dirt bike gloves available. Worn by pro MX riders, TLD gloves are tough with a fearless sense of style. From our race bred SE Gloves to our lightweight all-around Air Glove, TLD has an off-road glove for every need. Don’t be fooled by the low prices. Our motocross gloves are made with top materials to give your hands the best possible protection, on the race course and the trail.

TLD Expedition Glove
TLD ADV Light Glove
SE Glove
Air Prisma Glove
C$‎23.40 C$‎39.00 40% Off
Air Glove Americana
Air Glove Solid
GP Glove
XC Glove
C$‎21.60 to C$‎45.00
Air Youth Glove TLD KTM Team
Air Youth Glove 2.0
C$‎29.00 to C$‎32.00
GP Youth Glove
C$‎30.00 to C$‎33.00
Air Glove Honda
C$‎24.00 C$‎40.00 40% Off
Air Glove Checker
C$‎23.40 C$‎39.00 40% Off
Air Glove TLD KTM Team
C$‎32.00 C$‎40.00 20% Off